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This training is aimed at an audience of beginners in the use of bathymetric measurement tools. It consists of a phase of discovery of the different solutions, the different phases of the projects as well as the main working methods. The training will be supplemented by a step-by-step handling of the solution that will be deployed on your sites - with an adaptation of the training content according to the project on which you will be working.


Theories and Basics of Bathymetry

  • Equipment presentation

  • Software overview

Configuration and setting of the


  • Angular opening

  • Frequency

  • Beam orientation

  • Lever arms

  • GNSS corrections

Getting started with the acquisition software

  • Project creation

  • Geodesy parameters

  • Creation of the boat and equipment

  • Configuration of the communication of the various devices

Parameterization and customization

  • Possibility of participating in the installation of your Multibeam, its configuration, settings and test

  • Realization of personalized configurations

  • Custom display creation



Duration: 3 days (21 hours)

Objective: Independently master the installation, configuration and  Norbit multibeam data acquisition

Applicable people: Site managers, technicians

and survey engineers

Prerequisite: notions of positioning

Teaching methods and evaluations: Training support,

user manuals

Technical means :

Video projector, digital tablet, in the field (on board or intra-company


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Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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