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GNSS antennas


The antennas allow the reception of various GNSS signals.  We offer various GNSS antennas adapted to the most demanding applications for your applications in submerged environments: at sea, river, quarry in deep water or shallow water.

As with all the products that make up our catalog of solutions, our experts support you in choosing and deploying this equipment for your projects.


Our Range of GNSS Antennas


Trimble ZEPHYR 3 - the reference of the GNSS antennas

The Trimble Zephyr 3 antenna works with all GNSS signals including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, OmniSTAR, Trimble RTX, and SBAS. Robust and easy to handle, the Trimble Zephyr 3 antenna is the ideal solution for all of your projects.

Technical characteristics :  

  • Complete GNSS coverage, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo modernization signals

  • Reliable reception of low elevation satellites

  • Reduction of multi-journeys

  • Sub-millimeter repeatability of the phase center

  • Additional Japanese Iridium and LTE Filters

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Trimble GA830 - The dedicated antenna for marine applications

The Trimble GA830 antenna is a GNSS antenna designed for the marine environment. It can be used to obtain position and heading information. It is capable of receiving in RTK and MSS (Mobile Satellite Services).

The GA830 is optimized for tracking all satellite constellations. Featuring a ruggedized housing, the GA830 can be installed on construction barges, pile driving platforms, ships, cranes and other marine platforms.  

Technical characteristics :  

  • Economical GNSS antenna developed for marine applications (RTK)

  • Reinforced housing 

  • 1614 - 1624 MHz filtering to reduce interference from Iridium transmissions.

  • Able to use MSK and SBAS tag fixes.

  • MSS reception including Fugro Marinestar®, OmniSTAR and CenterPoint RTX

  • GNSS L1 / L2 / L5 / GLONASS antennas



Antcom's G5Ant-3XXX series are small footprint multi-frequency antennas dedicated to marine applications. They operate on five frequency bands and receive GLONASS L1, GPS L1, GLONASS L2 and GPS L2, GLONASS and L2 GPS signals. Their rugged housings can withstand the harsh environmental conditions encountered in military, aerospace and marine applications.

Technical characteristics :  

  • Multi-frequency, multi-constellation for guaranteed GNSS reception.

  • FRPA hook with hole or bottom mounting.

  • Passive or active (amplified) configurations available.

  • Active configurations offer an integrated two-stage bandpass filter
    with diode limiters


Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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