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We support you in all the phases of the project: from the first advices on the choice of hardware and software solutions adapted to your requirements, to the training of your teams and the daily follow-up of your projects (technical support, training, hotline).


Machine control systems for excavators and cable cranes, suction dredgers and bucket dredgers

- Visualize the tool angle and position in 3D, with plan view and section view

- Visualize the exact position of the tool in regard to the digital terrain model or the project

- Position the work tool (bucket, clamshell bucket...) much faster

- Limit over-excavation

- Compare the work done with the project

- Gain in efficiency in your dredging work


Solutions for drilling, pile driving, placement of blocks, riprap or caissons

- Real-time positioning of machines and barges, with plan and cross-sectional views of the tool and the project

- Real-time recording of the digital terrain model, for survey and cubing calculations

- Import or create the design, at the office or directly in the field

Software open to the integration of external data, such as sonar, tide gauges, GNSS RTK solutions, and orientation sensors (block laying).



Software & hardware for data planning, acquisition and data processing

- Compatible with single or multibeam echo sounders

- Quick access to volume calculations

- Accurate and reliable data even over large areas

- Creation of digital terrain models by interpolating bathymetric data

- Compatible with inertial units on the market to determine roll, pitch, heave and heading of the vessel

- Processing and drawing of data


Positioning solutions for barges, tugs, platforms and anchors

- Accurate machine positioning and tracking

- Cost-effective solution for temporary or permanent installations

- Simplified instructions for the operator: orientation, heading and course for fast and efficient positioning

Excavator Machine Control

Cable crane


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Beyond machine control, PrimeGPS offers Bathymetry solutions ( click here to consult the dedicated page ) & specific developments dedicated to special markets ( click here to find out more ).

Our PrimeGPS experts are at your disposal to discuss with you about your projects in submerged areas, contact us via the online contact form by clicking here.


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