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The 3D machine control systems for excavators have been developed to help the machine operator save time in his daily tasks: work more precisely in less time. These systems are composed of sensors and GNSS antennas positioned on the machine as well as a cabin tablet where the operator can see in real time: the position of the machine, the progress of the project, the position of the bucket with centimetric precision. Trimble's machine control solutions can be deployed on all your machines, including crawler excavators, barge excavators, floating crawler excavators and cranes, and are a real productivity booster. 


PrimeGPS helps you choose and deploy the guidance solutions best suited to your applications: system selection, training of your teams and daily technical support (hotline, after-sales service, on-site interventions, etc.).



  • Crawler excavators

  • Excavators on barges

  • Floating crawler excavators

  • Cranes

  • Complete hardware and software solution:

    •   GNSS receiver

    •   GNSS correction source

    •   GNSS radios

    •   Positioning system

    •   GNSS antennas

    •   Tablet / Computer

    •   Marine construction software

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  • Trimble Marine Construction Software

    • Project creation and monitoring software dedicated to dredging

  • Tedyne PDS

    • Software suite that manages a wide range of marine applications

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Discover our training offer - Qualiopi certified and

eligible for the CPF - dedicated to guiding machines in the middle  immersed.

Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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