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Our range of AML profilers are multi-parameter, custom-configurable probes designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. The data collected can be viewed in real time or stored on the internal memory of each profiler - to be transferred to your PC for post-processing.

AML-1 profiler


The AML-1 profiler is a versatile, high precision sensor. It has been designed to meet all your data collection needs. The designation "1" refers to the number of sensors that can be installed on the instrument head.

The data collected by the AML-1 are:  

  • Speed of sound (SV)

  • Turbidity (Tu)

  • Pressure / Water level (P)

  • Conductivity Temperature (CT)

AML-3 Profiler


The AML-3 series of profilers is a family of multiparameter sensors that have the same accuracy and robustness as the AML-1 series. Simply, the designation '3' refers to the number of sensors that can be installed simultaneously on the profiler.

The data collected by the AML-3 are: 

  • Sound Velocity Profiling (SVP)

  • Sound Velocity and Turbidity Profiling (SVP Tu)

  • Conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD)

  • Sound Velocity / Conductivity Temperature and Depth (SVCTD)

AML-6 Profiler


The AML-6 (same accuracy as the other AML profilers, but with the possibility of having 6 sensors on the head of the instrument) comes in 2 configurations: AML-6 LGR and AML-6 RT. 

  • The LGR designation (i.e., the AML-6 LGR) has an internal rechargeable battery. 
    These instruments are most commonly used for multi-parameter profiling applications and store measurements in their internal memory and require manual data transfer for post-processing.

  • The RT designation (e.g. AML-6 RT) allows for real-time data synchronization (although they also have the capability to record data internally). These instruments are typically deployed at moored survey sites: buoys, underwater observatories and ROVs.


  • Hydrographic surveys

  • Oceanographic surveys

  • Monitoring of environmental parameters



  • Scalable according to the applications

  • Interchangeable sensors

  • Simple and intuitive implementation

  • Wireless data transfer thanks to the integrated WiFi module

  • Reduced downtime costs thanks to interchangeable sensors


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Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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