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GNSS receivers meet the needs of precise positioning at sea, compatible with RTX, PPP and RTK correction networks. 

Compact and reliable, equipped with radio or modem modules, depending on the model, they are multi-constellation and multi-frequency and have a PPS output.

They allow to obtain the position but also the heading. We offer a complete range of receivers and our experts will help you choose the most suitable solution for your applications.


Our Range of GNSS Receivers

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The SPS855 GNSS receiver is the modular TRIMBLE receiver which is used as a base station and is capable of transmitting to all types of antennas. The compact SPS855 combines a GNSS receiver, a radio and its internal power supply in one housing. The whole equipment fits in one case for easy transportation.

Technical features : 

  • Precision Base Station on site (RTK corrections)
    VRS Precision Base Station

  • Base connected to an IP address - IBS (Internet Base Station)

  • Base station connected to the Trimble server

  • IBSS (Trimble Internet Base Station Service)



The Trimble® MPS865 Marine Positioning System GNSS receiver is a highly versatile GNSS positioning and heading solution: rugged, reliable, and suitable for a wide variety of marine surveying and construction applications.
The MPS865 GNSS receiver can be coupled to a mobile GNSS or a continuously operating reference station. The MPS865 allows the connection of two GNSS antennas to obtain an accurate heading.

Technical features :  

  • Rugged design for marine environments

  • Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi communication

  • Patented GNSS technology
    480 channel tracking

  • Two GNSS antenna inputs for heading

  • 1 PPS output for sonar synchronization

  • OLED display, keyboard and web user interface

  • Optional internal 450

  • MHz UHF transmitter and receiver option

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Trimble BX992

A receiver with two GNSS antennas consisting of a navigation system and a GNSS demodulator. The Trimble® BX992 module is designed to meet the needs of applications requiring continuous centimeter accuracy. This compact module integrates high-precision inertial, position and orientation sensors.

Technical features : 

  • High update rate positioning and orientation solutions

  • Dual antenna for fast heading alignment

  • Continuous positioning in non-GNSS environments

  • Robust moving baseline RTK for precision landing on mobile platforms



  • Precise positioning in a marine environment

  • Hydrographic and oceanographic surveys

  • Dredging

  • Machine guidance

  • Base station



  • Custom modular & configurable GNSS receivers

  • Multi-constellations and multi-frequencies

  • Robust for marine applications

  • Extended connectivity (RS232, Eth, USB, CAN, Bluetooth, Radio, GSM / SPRS)

  • Management of all industry standard protocols (RTCM, CMR, NTRIP, NMEA)


Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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