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To ensure that you receive accurate GNSS data, which helps minimize sources of GNSS positioning errors, we offer different types of GNSS RTK correction service subscriptions from our partners - personalized packages that respond to all of your needs in terms of coverage and package.

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Fugro Satellite Positioning Services is the world market leader in satellite positioning with the FUGRO SATELLITE POSITIONING 1 G2 / G4 Coverage Map Fugro Data Network Network solution. Marinestar offers global coverage and a range of services adapted to all applications requiring high precision positioning.

Teria covers the entire national territory (France) as well as Europe. It is a high performance service for increasing the accuracy of Full GNSS positioning in real time. A service particularly suitable for all marine applications - with intuitive and easy-to-use GNSS precision tracking solutions. For more information: contact us.

Trimble RTX is Trimble PPP technology that sends positioning corrections with centimeter accuracy in real time. This solution allows you to work without the constraints of a local base station or a VRS network without compromising on the high level of precision you are assured worldwide by satellite or cellular / IP network.



  • Hydrographic surveys

  • Topographic surveys

  • Dredging

  • Machine guidance

  • Precision agriculture


  • Sub-metric to centimeter precision

  • Local to global coverage

  • Ease of implementation

  • Simplified mobilization (no station and base)

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Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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