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Our range of KLEIN side scan sonars provide acoustic bottom imaging over a wide swath. 

KLEIN sonars are world-renowned for their robustness and the quality of the data they produce.  PrimeGPS offers these side scan sonars for purchase or rental, and our team will assist you in deploying them on your sites: training, technical assistance by phone or on site, and after-sales service. 

We also offer electric winches to facilitate operational implementation.

Our Range of Side Scan Sonars


Klein 4900 Side Sonar

The Klein System 4900 is a versatile side scan sonar that can be used for a variety of survey, search and recovery applications. Its high-definition imaging capabilities and maneuverability make the System 4900 a state-of-the-art instrument. Compact, rugged and easy to deploy, the 4900 System is an ideal tool for all search and recovery missions.


Technical features : 

  • 455/900 kHz 

  • CHIRP and CW broadband transmission modes

  • Smart telemetric

  • Works on AC or DC power supply

  • Nominal depth up to 300 m

  • Hydrodynamic winch in stainless steel with :

    • Heading, pitch and roll sensors

    • Depth sensor (pressure)

    • Easy to use

    • Ergonomically designed for one-person launching and
      and recovery by one person 

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The KLEIN MA-X VIEW 600 integrates a true single-beam echosounder and a gap-filler sonar in a single system that delivers an imaging frequency of 600 kHz at an optimal lateral range of 50 meters and the ability to continue surveying to a depth of 120 meters.

Its high accuracy and performance allow you to increase productivity by up to 40% for all your surveys - saving you substantial amounts of fuel and time at sea. 


Technical features : 

  • Full coverage of the nadir

  • 40% increase in survey efficiency

  • Lateral scan 600 kHz/850 kHz Nadir

  • Broadbrand CHIRP

  • Klein BLUE TECHNOLOGY- high performance imaging

  • Nominal depth up to 300 m

  • Ergonomic design and rapid deployment

  • Smart telemetrics

  • Works on AC or DC power supply

KLEIN MA-X VIEW 600 Side Sonar


  • Secure browsing

  • Search for wrecks and objects

  • Search for submerged victims (SAR)

  • Search for pyrotechnic pollution (UXO)

  • Cable and pipeline inspection

  • Mine warfare

  • Mapping of sedimentary facies



  • Simultaneous dual frequency

  • Transmission in CW or CHIRP mode

  • Intelligent telemetry to optimize data quality

  • Integrated pressure sensor

  • Magnetometer and USBL (responder) option


Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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