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Total stations


Trimble total stations are ideal for all surveying applications that require a high level of precision, measuring in inaccessible areas where GNSS coverage is not ideal. Their robustness, their precision and the quality of their target tracking make them essential on all construction sites (in pure topography or in machine guidance).


SPSX20 Total Stations

With a range of up to 500 meters, the SPSx20 Total Stations: SPS620 and SPS720 are ideal for carrying out your surveying operations on small and medium-sized sites. These stations are versatile and high precision tools. 

Technical characteristics

  • Horizontal and vertical angular accuracy of 5 arc seconds

  • Accuracy of 3 arc seconds for horizontal angles and 2 arc seconds for vertical angles

  • MagDrive motor: ultra fast rotation speed without friction

  • Multi-track: Trimble prism locking technology - guaranteed to drop out.

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SPSX30 Total Stations

The SPSx30 Total Station allows you unparalleled control of all your surveying operations such as surveys, stakeouts and controls with precise measurement, with or without a prism, statically or dynamically. It is also compatible with machine guidance applications - if coupled with a Trimble Active Prism.

Technical characteristics

  • Multi-Track: No dropout guarantee

  • MagDrive Servo: Rotation speed of over 115 ° in 1 second. 

  • SurePoint: Automatically corrects vertical and horizontal angles and station pointing to keep your measurements extremely accurate under any condition.

  • 2.4GHz Radio: Technology based on hopping radio frequencies with 30 specific channels available for surveying operations

  • 3Hz DR scanning: Scanner functions for measurements of vertical profiles or steep slopes on material storage areas or basins. 

Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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