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USV / ASV drOne bathy 1800

Our iWBMS multibeam bathymetric survey drone is an autonomous, versatile and quick to deploy solution. Remotely controlled, this surface drone navigates without constraint even in difficult areas: shallow waters (30 cm), coastal areas with high flow, areas inaccessible to ships. 

The Bathy 1800 drone is dedicated to all bathymetric applications for your maritime, river and gravel sites.

Available for purchase or rental, our team trains you in its use, its deployment and the post-processing of the data from your bathymetric surveys.



  • Bathymetric surveys in all aquatic areas: seas, rivers, rivers, quarries, gravel pits, bodies of water, port

  • Structural monitoring: Easily check the health of your structures and in particular the submerged parts

  • Monitoring and control of rock fill work, silting up ... See the progress of the work and compliance with the project.

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  • Versatility of readings

High precision in deep and shallow water

  • Long range and autonomy

Communication range more than 2 km from the operator. Battery life: 8h

  • Ease of use

Simplified and automated procedures. Use without hydrographic skills. 1 single operator. Factory settings. No risk of error

  • Optimization of production

Productivity gain thanks to the automation of the survey process (scanning plane) as well as the high precision of the 3D rendering

  • Simplified implementation

Easy transport and handling. Launched by 2 people without lifting means or launching infrastructure. Assembly and production time less than 15 minutes.



Produits Liés - Solutions complémentaires



  • Trimble Marine Construction Software

    • Project creation and monitoring software dedicated to dredging

  • Tedyne PDS

    • Software suite that manages a wide range of marine applications

  • Norbit Multibeam Sonar

    • Complete line of Norbit multibeam echosounders for all types of applications

  • Lidar Norbit

    • Compact Norbit LiDAR system - creation of point clouds of the submerged part

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Discover our training offer - Qualiopi certified and

eligible for the CPF - dedicated to the bathymetric drone

Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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