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This training aims to transmit all the knowledge necessary to master the techniques of bathymetric surveys carried out via an autonomous drone. It is aimed at a public who aims to acquire this type of equipment or to rent it with PrimeGPS and addresses the following aspects: equipment configuration, launching, bathymetric survey, post-processing of the data.


Theoretical portion

  • Presentation of the drone, its equipment, and features

  • Theories and basics of bathymetry

Getting started with mission planning software

Getting started with multibeam sonar configuration software

  • Getting started with the speed sensor configuration software

  • Getting started with the data acquisition software

Project creation

  • Geodesy

  • Parameterization of equipment and their communication

  • Creation of digital terrain model

  • Deepening and personalization in real conditions

Put into practice in full autonomy of the client / trainer supervision



Duration: 3 day (21 hours)

Objective: To master the use of the drone and the acquisition of bathymetric data

Persons concerned :  Hydrographers, topographers

Prerequisite: Good general knowledge of positioning

Teaching methods and evaluations: Theoretical courses, practical exercises, case studies, simulation, evaluation forms (training and trainee), start-up guides

Technical means: Video projector, digital tablet,

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