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This training is aimed at a public of confirmed guidance system users or who have already received initial level training dedicated to guidance systems for vehicles in submerged environments. It aims to provide more detailed knowledge of all the functionalities of the systems in order to be autonomous in the use of all the tools that make up the solution. Its content is adapted according to the project on which you are working and according to the machines that make up your fleet.


Creation of projects

  • Creation of a simple project on the box

  • Creating a Bucket

  • Creation, use and modification of digital terrain models

Parameterization and customization

  • Custom guidance method

  • Guide bar scale / screen settings

  • Save and restore display and gear settings

Diagnostics and connectivity

  • GNSS accuracy and sensor calibration

  • Diagnostics and connectivity settings

  • Mapping and recording



Duration : 1 day (7 hours)

Objective : Master the configuration of your 3D guidance system

People concerned : Surveyors - Operators - Site managers

Prerequisite : Initial level guidance training

Teaching methods and evaluations :

Theoretical courses, practical exercises, case studies, simulation,

evaluation forms (training and trainee), start-up guides

Technical means :

Video projector, digital tablet, in the field (work site) or intra-company


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