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This training is aimed at an audience of beginners in the use of guidance systems for machines in submerged environments. It consists of a phase of discovery of the different systems, the different components of the systems as well as a step-by-step handling of the solution that is deployed on your sites - with an adaptation of the training content according to the project you are going to work on.


Presentation of solutions

  • GNSS technologies

  • Equipment / machine kinematics

  • Description of elements and screen configuration

Getting started with your solution

  • Select project

  • Altimetric Attachment

  • Guidance method

  • Select bucket

  • Choice and use of the digital terrain model

Guidance system check

  • Blade or tooth wear

  • Sensor calibration

  • GNSS accuracy

Diagnostics and settings

  • Excavation / reloading switch setting

  • Adjusting the bolt hole

  • Restore display and machine settings

  • Connectivity settings



Duration : 1 day (7 hours)

Objective : Be operational with its 3D machine guidance solution

People concerned : Operators - Surveyors - Works Supervisors

Teaching methods and evaluations :

Theoretical courses, practical exercises, case studies, simulation, forms

evaluation (training and trainee), start-up guides

Technical means :

Video projector, digital tablet, in the field (work site) or intra-company (room)

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Each project has its own specificities, PrimeGPS supports you to provide you with efficient solutions from our product catalog or customized solutions. 

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